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“A Design for life – How to Survive and Thrive at Life” is my podcast which was created to offer you the listener practical strategies and actionable advice to navigate life’s challenges and live your best life by your own design


Season 1 is hosted by myself, where I will share stories from my own disturbing backstory of how I managed to survive and thrive despite the huge challenges. Along with tips, tricks and lessons I have learned, translated into practical takeaway strategies you can employ to enable you to survive and thrive the difficulties you may be struggling with.

Through my work as a mindset coach, I have worked with people struggling with anxiety, stress, personal growth, relationships, mental health, and financial management. All of which are subjects I will cover in the episodes of Season 1, with many more besides.

So many people in my experience are wrestling with some sort of issue that they are finding it difficult to overcome. This may be a past issue resurfacing, a current issue in their personal or professional life or a general feeling of having lost their purpose in life.

Whether you’re looking to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, build meaningful relationships, advance your career, or achieve financial freedom.

Tune in to “How to Survive and Thrive at Life” to learn from experts and discover new ways to navigate life’s challenges and make the most of every opportunity

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"A Design for Life - How to Survive and Thrive at Life" podcast provides practical advice and inspiration to help you take charge of your life and achieve your full potential.


My experience with Phil was a really good conversation. His focus was solving my problem and find solutions to my issues that were holding me back. He maintained the professional disciplines that I expect from a coach and gave a considerable amount to reflect on and take action. Thanks, Phil really appreciated our sessions.

Garrett Kelley

Phil is a great coach. He helped me to resolve a business issue by engaging my creativity. It was a powerful conversation with Phil, that helped me to move through the issue and create new opportunities. I highly recommend Phil if you are considering hiring a Coach.

Kevin Thomas

His coaching style allowed me to understand my actions, motivations and processes better. I would definitely recommend Phil if you are looking to make tangible improvements in either your business or your personal life.

Abi Mason