About Me

My journey with the power and magic of the mindset, started on August 16th 1985. This is the day my life changed dramatically, forever.

On that day I took my motorcycle out with the sole purpose of pushing it beyond 100 miles per hour, having spent many hours with my brother restoring it from an extremely poor state. By the time I finished that ride I had achieved 2 things. 1. I managed to push the motorcycle beyond 100 mph and 2. I lost control of the bike and ended up paralysed from the chest down, I was 19 years of age.

My life would clearly never be the same, but as I came to realise, that did not mean it couldn’t be better.

“I learned the key to achieving a fulfilling life was going to be management of my mindset”

My Story

Whilst in hospital, I encountered an inspirational young man by the name of Trevor, who was 2 years younger than me and paralysed from the neck down. His positivity and sense of humour, despite his situation was infectious and through him, I became aware of the things I would be able to do for myself, things he would never be able to do. So, from that time onwards, I have never felt sorry for myself and have always strived to think positively about what I could achieve.

I knew I wanted to achieve something of worth, but I did not, at that time know what. I learned the key to achieving a fulfilling life was going to be management of my mindset and having the resilience to maintain positivity, drive and focus in the face of severe challenges.

I focused on getting fit and strong, I joined a wheelchair basketball team and eventually started working in the field of Telephone Sales. This career led me to understand the power of the mindset and I decided that despite being disabled I would be the best Telesales Person in any environment I worked in, so I studied, read books on sales, self-improvement and biographies of successful people. I got promoted and eventually, I decided to set up my own Telesales based company. I employed many dozens of people over a 20+ year period, diversified into property development, internet retail and supported disability employment projects.

I am now passionate about sharing the benefit of my lifetime experiences to coach people, through the power and magic of the mindset to achieve the goals they set and live a life of fulfilment and reward.

“I absolutely believe you have the power and magic of the mindset within you, waiting to be harnessed, but the longer you wait to use it, the less time you have to benefit from it.”


My experience with Phil was a really good conversation. His focus was solving my problem and find solutions to my issues that were holding me back. He maintained the professional disciplines that I expect from a coach and gave a considerable amount to reflect on and take action. Thanks, Phil really appreciated our sessions.

Garrett Kelley

Phil is a great coach. He helped me to resolve a business issue by engaging my creativity. It was a powerful conversation with Phil, that helped me to move through the issue and create new opportunities. I highly recommend Phil if you are considering hiring a Coach.

Kevin Thomas

His coaching style allowed me to understand my actions, motivations and processes better. I would definitely recommend Phil if you are looking to make tangible improvements in either your business or your personal life.

Abi Mason