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You have a desire for “something more” from your life, but everything you have tried so far has not worked and now you feel lost and lacking in self-belief. Perhaps you are becoming frustrated and fear you are running out of time, which is increasing the pressure, anxiety, and stress on you to the point you are unable to get clarity about what you should do next.

If that sounds like you, then it is time to look at your goals again. To be clear about not just what you want, but what you really want and why. To master your strong mindset so that your self-belief becomes unshakeable and you finally blast free of your comfort zone with lasting enthusiasm, confidence, energy and drive.

This is where I can help. I have been doing just that for over 35 years and have mastered the power and strength of the mindset to enable me and others to live the life we desire and deserve. It really can happen for you and I am here to help you make it happen. So,

Phil Can Help You…

to fully understand the goals you REALLY want to achieve, release blockages that are holding you back, create workable strategies that suit the person you are and strengths you already possess, develop new strengths to enable you to confidently tackle challenges of personal growth and master your mindset in order to support your unshakeable belief

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About Me

I am passionate about sharing the benefit of my lifetime experiences to coach people, through the power and magic of the mindset to achieve the goals they set and live a life of fulfilment and reward.

I absolutely believe you have the power and magic of the mindset within you, waiting to be harnessed, but the longer you wait to use it, the less time you have to benefit from it.

Master Mindset Mentor

“It’s time to strengthen your mindset to create the amazing life you deserve”


My experience with Phil was a really good conversation. His focus was solving my problem and find solutions to my issues that were holding me back. He maintained the professional disciplines that I expect from a coach and gave a considerable amount to reflect on and take action. Thanks, Phil really appreciated our sessions.

Garrett Kelley

Phil is a great coach. He helped me to resolve a business issue by engaging my creativity. It was a powerful conversation with Phil, that helped me to move through the issue and create new opportunities. I highly recommend Phil if you are considering hiring a Coach.

Kevin Thomas

His coaching style allowed me to understand my actions, motivations and processes better. I would definitely recommend Phil if you are looking to make tangible improvements in either your business or your personal life.

Abi Mason

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